The importance of Language

As I quote ‘If you don’t understand my silence … you will never understand my words’

My daughter Tamira has taught me that love has no language, if you want to understand and love a person there is no freakin… language barrier its the willingness to go beyond your thinking and want to understand someone who just can express.



When I am with Tamira I have no time to think anything except for her & sudd the jatapatapata language has started making sense. We exchange words with no meanings and still understand each other. Right from a 10 day old baby I have tried spending most of my time with her by just looking and reciprocating and now she does the same which is totally fun… The magic of understanding each other is beautiful and the fun times are just to precious, from getting up at 2.00 am at night to being awake till 4.00 am life just became more exciting. Her expressions ‘ko’ & her first words ‘Pa’ are just too good. As soon as she utters the word Pa I wake up and to my surprise I am super charged and ready to play and dance.

In this 1 year she is like my secret box with whom I share all my concerns , thinking and sometimes even ask her opinion… doesn’t make much sense but then I have learnt one thing that is important that you talk to your child as they have the tendency to understand and sometimes even reciprocate. So my advise is share the positive vibes and talks and throw out all the neg when you are with your child.


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